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Virágzik a szeder

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Added 2010-06-15 gyunyika

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I've been digging on short story coelictlons almost exclusively for the last month. I won't say what my favorite was (given the owner of this site it would seem like I'm sucking up), but apart from that, I really enjoyed Manly Wade Wellman's John the Balladeer (superstition and the Southern Gothic masterfully observed by a truly unique character in genre fiction) and Carl Carmer's The Screaming Ghost (collected folk tales and supernatural experiences). Now from the library I've got Angela Carter's The Bloody Chamber (revisionist/feminist fairy tales excellent so far), Stefan Grabinski's The Dark Domain (the flavor of your M.R. James or H.P. Lovecraft, often with psychosexual implications), and Richard Matheson's Button, Button (haven't started it yet but Matheson's short stories are always a treat). For novels, the most recent one I finished was Norman Partridge's Dark Harvest, which I liked but didn't love. The last novel I read and LOVED would be A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs.For non-literary recommendations, I'd say check out anything by Miranda Sex Garden or Amanda Palmer in the music department. Gorgeous, dark tapestries of sound and emotion.Movies: I was fortunate enough to see Argento's Suspiria on the big screen and was that ever a treat. Also, you can't go wrong with Val Lewton. Dig out the old box set and enjoy I Walked with a Zombie or Isle of the Dead. Gorgeously photographed, well-written mood pieces that far transcend their B-movie limitations.

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